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A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Bridge

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Playing Bridge is a lot of fun!  For decades, Americans have joined in casual Bridge clubs to play the game each week.  From teenagers to senior citizens, Bridge is a game that people of all ages enjoy.  So how do you play this classic card game?  It starts with a standard deck of cards.  You will use all 52 cards and remove the jokers.  Four players are required for Bridge and you should be seated at a square table, with partners seated across from each other.

In bridge, the deuce card is the lowest and the Ace card is the highest.  The dealer distributes the cards face down, giving 13 cards to each player, which will evenly divide the deck.  To play, the first player lays down a leading card face up on the table.  Going clockwise, each player should play a card of the same suit.  If a person doesn’t have a card of the same suit, they can “discard” or play a card from a different suit.  At this point, the highest card in the suit wins the trick.  This is called the “notrump” in Bridge.

Bidding is also an important part of the Bridge game.  The players bid to decide whether the cards will be played as “Notrump” in a particular suit.  The dealer gets to bid first.  The dealer should inspect his cards and if he has some high cards or prefers a particular suit based on his own hand of cards, he might bid to prefer that suit.  If the dealer doesn’t want to bid, he can pass to the next player.

The game of Bridge has many variations and plays.  There are tons of strategies to win!  To best understand this classic card game, you will need to watch a game in action.  Visit a local bridge club or watch a game online.  Soon, you will get the hang of this classic game.

Discovering Electronic Cigarettes at a Bridge Game

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I recently attended a bridge card game with my mother. As soon as I walked into the room, I was surrounded by my mom’s cronies. I couldn’t believe how much she’d told them about me. It seemed like they knew my entire life story, including the fact that my mother was impatiently waiting for the day I finally quit smoking, a habit she’d been harping on ever since she learned about it.

As soon as the bridge card conversation turned to my smoking, I gritted my teeth, forced myself to smile, and made a mental note to never attend another bridge card game with my mom ever again. I’m pretty sure that the whole affair would have ended with an argument in the car while we drove home were it not for Felicia, a sweet older woman with skin like leather, yellow nails, and a gravelly voice. She told me that until a year ago, she’d been a chain smoker, which explained her appearance and speech. She said she knew that quitting was a lot easier said than done and that she’d gone through the process too many times to count, but she’d done and she was confident I could to, and that if I did it soon, I might be able to avoid a fate that had me tied to an oxygen tank at the end of my life.

She said that all of the normal methods she’d used to quit smoking never worked. She’d done the patch, hypnosis, gums, cold turkey, etc. too many times to count and had reached a point where she was simply going to smoke her way into the grave. Then she learned about electronic cigarettes. She pulled several vaporizers out of her massive handbag and explained they’d helped her kick her habit when everything else failed.

What Gayle learned from the experience was that she wasn’t nearly as addicted to nicotine as she was to the act of smoking, she enjoyed the feel of a cigarette in her hand and felt a little lost without it. When she made the change to electronic cigarettes, she found something she could hold onto that felt familiar and could also be used to give herself a blast of nicotine whenever life proved to be stressful. She said she’d managed to go from a two pack a day habit, something that really put a dent into her retirement savings, to being able to get by on one electronic cigarette cartridge a day.

Gayle sounded so sincere, I accepted her offer when she asked if I wanted to try one of her electronic cigarettes. I gave it a whirl, and I have to admit, it was nice. The vapor really did taste like smoke. My experience at the bridge game convinced me to order my own starter kit. As soon as it arrives, I plan on throwing my pack of cigs away, something that will make my mom very happy.

Bridge Basics For Beginning Players

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If you are interested in starting to play bridge then you have come to the right place. In this blog post I will give you a few of the bridge basics to get you started in the right direction. Before you know it you will be heading to your best friend’s to play a game of bridge each week in no time.

There are two main elements in bridge and they are bidding and playing the hand that you are dealt. The bidding will take place before your hand is played. Keep in mind that you and your friends are not suppose to talk to one another during the game, this will keep things fare. Bidding is a way for you and your friends to decide if you have enough points in your hand to take enough tricks to win the hand. Before any bidding starts you are suppose to count what you have in your hand. Aces count 4, kings are worth 3, 2 for each queen and 1 for each jack. The player to the left begins the bidding. If you have less than 12 points in your hand, you need to pass. You will continue around the circle until someone has 12 points and can open the bid at that point. There are a total of 40 points to be had.

The bidding will go on until 3 players pass. The final bid will decide the contract. The contract will either be a suit contract or a no trumps contract. If a suit contract has been bid, then the suit becomes the trump suit. A no trumps contract is played without the use of a trump suit. To learn more about bridge I suggest you Google some more basics of the game.

Why Elderly People Love Playing Bridge

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There is a lot to be said for how much fun the game of bridge can be when you are playing it with the right people. When you are surrounded by friends and family, playing bridge is much more fun than playing with people you don’t know. But there are some people that love the game so much that they would play anytime and with anyone. The elderly, for example, are avid players of the game and I for one would like to know what it is about the game that they love so much.

My first guess is that it is a card game that has stood the test of time and can be played by anyone. It is relatively easy to learn and you can play it no matter where you are as long as you have a deck of cards and a few friends! If you belong to a church or other organization, you may have seen notices for bridge clubs or something similar. A church is a great place to find friends so why not find them while playing a game of bridge. But the church is not the only place you will find people playing bridge. There are many games played in homes as well as places like nursing homes.

Perhaps the best reason that the elderly love the game of bridge is that it helps to keep their minds sharp. Though almost anyone can learn how to play bridge, it is a great game to help players keep their brains challenged which is definite bonus when you are considered elderly. Another reason that many elderly women and men may enjoy the game is that is a good time to catch up on the gossip in their circle of friends or community.

A Perfect Day at the Spa

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So the worries of the day had quickly mounted into one of the worst tensions headaches that I can ever recall having. The boss’s deadlines and the company needs were always pushing me to go harder and faster. While this should be the mantra for everyone, the reality is that I am the one that gets results and I am the one that the boss depends on. I could feel my heart pounding in my temples. As the clock struck 7 I knew that I was spent and I couldn’t wait to bust out of the office and head down to the spa. The whirlpool bathtubs at the spa were calling my name and I couldn’t wait to feel that warm water pounding my tension away.

Familiar faces where all around me and I was excited that I wasn’t alone. My job forces me to work alone quite often so the respite from solitude was nice. Unfortunately for me the air tubs where the only available unit at the moment. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy those tubs but they do not compare to the soaking tubs or the whirlpool tubs. Any way, as I lowered myself into that warm water I couldn’t help but melt into a state of relaxation. While the visit would last but a few hours, it felt like an entire day! My friends have asked me several times why I do not simply buy hot tubs or vita spas for my home but, as I said before, I really enjoy the company of the other guests in the spa. Whirlpool tubs for sale could really make me think seriously about changing that viewpoint but I do not think I could ever go through with walking away from the spa treatment.

As you can probably see, I thoroughly enjoy my time at the local spa. And while the friendship is great and the company is great, I must admit that what I really love are the whirlpool bathtubs, air tubs, and soaking tubs. I just cannot replicate that experience at home. Many of my friends have tried to encourage me to buy my own spa but I just don’t think that I could go through with it. While the experience would be great I simply do not have the money needed to pull it off. My friend James has the money to buy spas but I don’t think he would be interested in making that kind of purchase. Regardless, I will continue to enjoy the watery oasis that the local spa offers. My friends are there and my worries melt away. It’s a place where everybody knows my name! After all, isn’t that what everyone wants? Everyone wants a place to fit in and a place to relax. For me, that is found in the spa.

The Bridge Project

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When I was in the seventh grade I was part of a new project that the teacher simply called the bridge project. The class was an algebra class and we were given the task of building a bridge that was made entirely from Popsicle sticks. This sounded like a real hard project, and it was. The idea of the project was to teach the students how to correctly build a bridge that could then hold a huge amount of weight. Obviously the idea was to also expose the different shapes and the strengths that each shape offered. Here are a few things that I learned along the way.

As the son of a contractor I knew that the strongest shape in the building world is a triangle. I used this to my advantage. We were all given 10 sticks and simply told to construct a bridge that would be tested for its strength. My bridge was made in no time at all. I used the sticks to make triangles. The triangles were then connected with glue. The test for strength was really neat. The teacher took a garden hook and placed it on the bridge and then connected a 5-gallon bucket. The bucket would then be filled with bricks. If the bridge could hold all 10 bricks then you would receive an extra credit grade of 100. My bridge not only held all 10 bricks but it went beyond that and actually held 13 before it finally broke. I won the competition by 7 bricks. The class was amazed at my building skills and they all wanted to know more about how I built such a strong bridge with only 10 sticks!

Friday Night Bridge Tournament

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Every Friday night my friends and I always take off and have a great weekend. Friday is the perfect day to start because we are always stressed from the workweek and looking for a great way to relax, have a few drinks, and ultimately loosen up for a great weekend. Last Friday evening was a little weird however. It started off pretty normal but around 7:30 it was suggested that we play cards. Everyone loved the idea of playing cards but as the time pressed on, the card games changed. Before long we were playing bridge. I have no idea how to play bridge. Unfortunately I found myself in the middle of a bridge war, betting almost 50 dollars, and still unsure about the next move that I had.

I decided to do a quick study of the people at the table to try and determine the best moves to make. Unfortunately I was not the only person that seemed to be at a lose for what to do next. Clay, Tamara, and Joel where all very much confused and there was no way that any of us were going to admit that we didn’t know what we were doing. This simply made the night even more fun. We laughed for hours and we eventually called a quit to the card games. I might have lost a couple bucks but the fun we had and the memories we made will last a lifetime. Who knew that bridge could be such a fun game? Obviously we didn’t.

Don’t Overlook the Small Details When You Plan Your Landscaping

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When it comes to landscaping the land you got after purchasing your new home, it’s easy to get so caught up in the fun that you forget to be practical and reasonable. When it comes to landscaping and using walkways, it’s important to keep the details in mind because they make a big difference in how it all turns out.

As tempting as it will be to use the walkway as a kind of showplace for your container plants, you have to be sensible. The plants can’t be balanced on the very edge of the walkway where they could tip over in a strong gust of wind, nor should they be in the middle of the walkway where someone could trip over them and get hurt. Try to place the plants in way that they will catch people’s eyes, but not pose a safety hazard.

Before you install your walkway, you need to think about why you want one. Do you want to keep people off your grass? Then you’ll want to have it set up in a manner that encourages people to use it as soon as they step out the door. If you want to use it to showcase your landscaping work, you’re going to want to come up with a way that it acts as a kind of barrier for the various parts of your yard and directs foot traffic to the places you want to show off.

Once you have the www.wickcraft.com walkway installed, you shouldn’t assume you never have to care for it again. Even the most durable, hard working walkways will need some TLC. Every time you do yard work, make it a point to check the condition of the walkways to make sure they are clear of dirt and debris. Taking a few minutes a day to check the condition of the boardwalks will extend the number of years worth of enjoyment you get out of the new path.

The single most important thing to remember when you’re choosing a walkway or any Wickcraft pier systems is safety. You can’t afford to be lax, not even for a moment. When the new structure gets installed, you’ll want to make sure your pets and small children are tucked away safely in the house. This keeps them from getting underfoot, making the entire situation safer for them and the professionals helping you install the walkway.

After the walkway has been installed, you’ll need to routinely inspect it for damage. A single broken piece could cut a foot or cause someone to trip and bang their head. During the winter you need to be diligent about making sure that the walkway remains clear of ice, which, due to the smooth surface, will be even more slippery than ice over grass or gravel. Tossing a handful of sand over the ice patch creates traction without harming the environment.

Finally, add in some beautiful pier system accessories to complete your landscaping transformations. These tiny details can make a big difference in functionality and aesthetic design.

Playing Bridge Is Good For Your Health

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Bridge is a fun game that can actually be good for your health. Bridge is a very full on type of game that requires a lot of concentration by its players. By concentrating during a bridge game your brain is being very active and this stimulation serves as an immune system booster. I’m guessing you probably never thought of playing a game of bridge to keep from getting sick, but maybe now you will.

During bridge you are forced to use math skills and most likely it has been quite some time since you used so many math skills at once. Typically bridge is played on a regular basis by the older generation. Many older people do not have things that stimulate their brains on a regular basis, so getting involved in a weekly game of bridge is a great way to help keep them young.

Not only will you gain the benefits of brain stimulation by playing bridge, but you will also gain a whole new social life full of friends. You will no longer be sitting home feeling bad about having nowhere to go and nothing to do as perhaps you once did before. You may even want to host a few games of bridge at you own house. This will help give you something to look forward to, especially if you like to entertain people.

Next time you are feeling down and feel as if your brain is wasting away, why not join a bridge game with some of your friends. I am sure that you will have a good time.

Playing Card Games With Grandma

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It is has been a few months since my Grandma has passed away and I still think about her every day. She was a great woman that I am so glad I had the chance to know. She loved life and never missed an opportunity to spend time with family, especially me and my cousins. One activity that we always loved to do when we went to visit grandma as children was to play card games. She always had lots of card games to choose from and she was always ready to play.

I don’t remember which game she taught us first, but I know that she is the reason that I now know how to play almost any card game out there. Of course we never played for money, but once we were older she did teach a few things about the card games that one might find in a casino. Even when she was too old to shuffle and deal the cards, Grandma liked watching the rest of us play cards. She would often sit at the table with us and help some of the little kids win.

It seems like just yesterday that my sister and I would spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa just sitting around with snacks that our mom wouldn’t let us have and a deck of cards. Sometimes we would just play go fish and it was so much fun. She will surely be missed, but I am glad that I will always have card games to remember her.

Why Gambling is Wrong

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The main reason that I believe gambling to be wrong is that first of all it says so in the Bible. Also when one person wins money it is because another person has lost money. How can this be anything but wrong? If you hope to win the money that means you are hoping the other person or the gambling establishment loses money. Gambling is basically a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

You may wonder where the casinos get their money from. They get their money from the people who lose it gambling at their casino. Many times people who are in already desperate situations gamble to see if they can change their circumstances and somehow make them better. What they may not realize is that even if they do win, they are causing someone else to lose.

Gambling is also wrong because it can become addictive. Once gambling becomes a problem for you, both your and your family will suffer. Some people even begin to take second mortgages out on their homes just to keep up with their gambling habit. This is bad and wrong at the same time. If you continue to lose at your gambling habit, you may lose everything you have, even your family.

We should all learn to be happy with what we have and to be content with that. We should not always want more and strive to have more but rather learn to be happy where we are. This is very hard for many gamblers to fathom because they have probably won a few times and loved the feeling they got from that win. Be careful not to get mixed up with gambling.

Passing the Time When I Was Stuck In a Field

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When I met a farm boy and fell in love, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. Moving into a new home with him meant more than just leaving my job and moving to a new town. It turns out that I was going to have to learn a whole new lifestyle.

It turns out that when it’s time to plant, everyone helps out, even if they don’t really know how to use the equipment. That was how I ended up driving the tractor and planting corn. Going around the field wasn’t that hard, but when I got a flat tire on the tractor I was lost. I didn’t even know where to get a new tire for the tractor, much less how to change one. Worse of all, Farm Boy had gotten me set up in the tractor and then drove off. I was stuck until he got back to the field and would be able to do something about the situation.

Luckily, I had my cell phone and was able to use that to entertain myself. I sent a couple of text messages and talked to my mom for a while before that got boring. That was when I settled in and started to play online bingo.

When I first became a member of the online bingo room, I did so because it was a good way to stay in touch with the friends I left behind when I moved in with Farm Boy. We spend hours in the chat room talking to one another.

Being stuck in the middle of a half planted cornfield with a faulty piece of equipment was what finally drove me to actually trying out one of the games. It was the first time I’d played bingo since I was a little girl. I’d forgotten how much fun the game can be.

I lost track of the number of games I played before Farm Boy showed up, his truck kicking up twin plumes of dust as his truck bounced across the field. The time seemed to fly by. I hadn’t won any games, but I had a great time. As I watched Farm Boy check out the tire and work out a plan for getting it fixed, I vowed that I would be spending more time playing the game and actually get good enough to start winning a couple of the games. Check out some of favorite bingo sites here:

• Click here to see my home page, my absolute favorite bingo game.

Click here to read the spin and win review and compare the top bingo sites.

Making Changes To Help Save My Life

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I never thought I would ever have an illness that I could die from early in my life. Many people think they have their whole life ahead of them and never think that they could only have a small amount of time. I knew something was wrong when I was having a hard time breathing and I could not walk long distances or be very active without losing my breath.

I was a smoker but I had only smoked a few years and only one or two cigarettes a day. I did not think it had anything to do with my symptoms so I headed to the doctor to see what was going on. Once I had some tests done it was determined that even thought I thought I had not smoked that much, the tobacco had caused me t have a cancerous tumor on my left lung. The doctors felt that it could have been the combination of the second hand smoke I grew up with and then the small amount I had smoked more recently.

I could not believe at the age of 22, I was being told something so devastating and damaging to my soul. How is it possible that I could have developed something like this at such a young age? As we talked about all the treatments I would need and the outcome they felt confident about, I was numb and really did not hear anything they said. One of the things I had to do was stop smoking immediately.

My doctor told me that many people are recommending electronic cigarettes like South Beach Smokes and V2Cigs as a healthier and easier way to stop smoking. I decided that is what I would try and got started right away. At first, I was shocked at how much the e-cigs looked like traditional cigarettes. I read about them on E-Cigarettes Reviews and then found what was reviewed as the best e cigarette. I found some e cigarette coupon codes to help me save a little money on my e-cig starter kit and electronic cigarette cartridges.

As I tried one, I felt like I was smoking a traditional cigarette. Water mist came out as I smoked it and it looked like real smoke. It even heated up a bit in my hand to make me feel like I was really smoking. The best part was that there was no tobacco, chemicals or toxins in these e-cigs and I soon did not feel like I needed to smoke as often. I could not believe that I had such great success with quitting smoking by using e-cigs.

I know I have a long road to recovery and I am ready to fight. Now that I am tobacco free, I know I can continue on the rest of my journey with fighting this cancer and becoming stronger and better for it. Although I am still young, I feel so much wiser than I ever have because of having to go through such a hard thing. I am excited for my future and excited that e-cigs have helped me get to this place.

Taking Care of Me: One Mom’s Story

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All mothers know, that when you have your first child the whole world changes. You get sleepless nights but days full of love and laughter. You may have stresses you never imagined, but your heart becomes completely filled with joy. However the one common thing that Moms experience is the all encompassing way a child will take up your time.

No longer do you have to worry about you. You have a new little life that is completely dependant upon you can quickly realize that you are giving up everything just to make sure that your child stays healthy and happy.

One thing I have learned in this crazy journey called motherhood is that in order to care for others, especially your child you need to take care of yourself first. If you are not happy and healthy how can you expect to make anyone else so?

So I decided to do some things for me that would help me be a better mom along with feeling better about myself. I started working out. This not only allowed me to lose the weight I gained, but also gave me more energy to have to play with my daughter just as long or as hard as she wished to.

I also decided to take a day once a month to pamper myself. Whether it is a Mani Pedi or a massage or simply a day out with a girl friend this needed time refreshes me enough that I am a much better mom to my daughter for it. Plus she sees the value I put on myself and will hopefully emulate that into her own life as she grows.

Most importantly, I quit smoking. I couldn?t quit cold turkey, but I used the new electronic cigarette to get off the nicotine for good without all the nasty withdrawals. This let me cut it down at my pace all the while improving my lung functioning all the while. This will make sure I am around for my daughter for all the years to come.

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